Men’s ODS T-Shirt in Khaki and OD

Now you too can wear the hotness that is the ODS t-shirt, now available in khaki and olive drab. It’s the softest 100% cotton we’ve ever experienced. It’s light weight without feeling cheap. They hold up really well over time, and the ink really stays put and doesn’t crack. The ODS logo appears on the left breast, and again in larger form on the back with “Occam Defense Solutions Inc” in our proprietary Occam Font ™. Sizing is mens– sorry ladies– we’ll have ladies shirts shortly.

Mens T-Shirt

ODS OG Cut Vinyl Decal

This ODS Logo decal is custom cut for us by the elves at Twin Unicorn Designs, who painstakingly carve these out with razor sharp Kabar knives gripped in their teeth.  The quality is fantastic, and they’re very rugged.  For those unfamiliar with these, you peel the paper backing, apply them with ‘Merican pride to your battle wagon, then peel the clear plastic sheet on the front.  All that’s left is the red lettering and logo– this IS your grandpa’s sticker!



Like cowbell on a 70s album, it’s hard to have too much Occam.  These standard size (2″X3″)  OCCAM DEFENSE– ALWAYS READY morale patches are ready for battle in MultiCam® compatible colors, so you’ll be stylish and yet still invisible to the enemy.  Velcro hooks make fixing it to your web gear a snap.

Morale Patch